September 7, 1999
Product: for FileMaker Pro
Contact: Gregory ( 1.1.4 has been released. is a scripting utility that allows people using FileMaker Pro
to build libraries of scripts, recreate whole scripts with a single click,
and edit scripts in text format.

Special features include Interactive Mode, Automatic Field Selection and
drag-and-drop script replication/insertion. With Interactive Mode, people
get to interactively specify objects during script entry. Automatic Field
Selection allows to automatically select fields in the
Specify Field dialog during script entry. With the ability to drag-and-drop
script text, you can replicate full or partial or edited scripts with ease. 1.1.4 incorporates various improvements and bug fixes. is Mac-only; compatible with OS 7.1 and later. It supports 11
different language versions of FileMaker Pro including English, Danish,
Dutch, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Norwegian, Japanese, Spanish and

A fully functional trial version and Users Guide can be found at the newly
designed web site. can be found at;