MESA, Arizona, — August 22 — Public Access Software today releases sLog

sLog is an easy-to-use monitoring software that can unobtrusively collect
information about the performance of your Macintosh computer. sLog 2.1.5
can record the approximate time of crashes as well as up/down time
durations for usage monitoring or diagnosing problems.

sLog is distributed a FAT binary in US English only.

Changes in version 2.1.5 of sLog:

sLog 2.1.5 features new terminology and methodology that centers around a
three level base-component system for viewing and manipulating the sLog
Data File, collecting various information and the monitoring of various
applications, the Mac OS or even hardware.

sLog 2.1.5 also includes rebranding and the Public Access Software
registration code system.

sLog is distributed as ShareWare with a license fee of $15 USD.

Additional information for sLog and software distributions can be accessed


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