Tri-Bar Software has released Calculator v1.0.1, a novel calculator
based upon ‘fifth generation’ and declarative programming languages.
It is easy to use, yet extremely powerful and is ideal for
experimenting, schools and for everyday calculations.

This version solves problems the original version was having with
some computers. Users should no longer experience a type 2 or type 11
error after clicking on the “Not Yet” button.

It also incorporates the following changes:
* Calculator now supports multiple monitors properly
* Command+Delete has been added in to delete the current line of work
* Forward Delete has been implemented
* Preferences are now globally saved
* Files can now be double clicked and dragged to the application to
open them
* The “special number” formula for 1729 has been corrected

Calculator v1.0.1 can be downloaded from our website at

Calculator v1.0.1 web page is

Direct download link is:

If you review the product please could you send a copy of the article
to me at

Thank you all for such good coverage for “a calculator”. The response
we had from users was much larger than we expected.

Thanks again,

Matthew Dolan
Tri-Bar Software