Milan, Italy — July, 1th 1999 — Macmake Professional Creations
today announced the availability of the “aGIFs Collection” for the
Mac OS users.

aGIFs Collection is a collection of images specially made for Web
sites. Any images is optimized for the visualization in the most used
browser and to be downloaded in the minimum time possible. With these
images, you can create your Web sites istantly and with a perfect
look. The collection includes a variety of different tipology of
images: tridimensional buttons, cartoons, animations, objects,
internet phrases, alphabets, texture patterns, and more.

This collection is created by professional designers with the
supervision of Macmake Creations an it’s dedicated to the world wide
creatives designer and web masters. Macmake Creations International
is a software house dedicated to the creation of professionals Web
content and Tools.

The aGIFs Collection is downloable from this Web address:

Macmake Creations Email Email:

macmake Creations Web Site:

Best regards,
Roberto Rossi, Macmake Creations