Blue World Announces InDesign Talk Email Discussion Forum

June 16, 1999 – Blue World is pleased to announce the launch of the
new InDesign Talk email discussion forum. InDesign Talk is an
interactive email discussion forum providing a venue for sharing
tips, techniques and user-to-user support for Adobe’s forthcoming
InDesign page layout software product. The new service will provide
the InDesign community with the latest information pertaining to
Adobe InDesign and companion products.

All posts to InDesign Talk are automatically archived in a Lasso Web
Data Engine powered database searchable via the Web at As archives
for other Blue World hosted email lists have proven themselves
invaluable for users of many leading sofware products, the new
InDesign Talk archives are destined to provide one of the most
exhaustive and frequently utilized resources for information on the
Adobe InDesign product.

Blue World cordially invites interested parties to join InDesign Talk
today simply by sending email to with
“subscribe InDesign” in the message body.

Further information about InDesign Talk including a Web-based
subscription service is available at the InDesign Talk website at

InDesign Talk complements other popular email discussion forums
hosted by Blue World, including FileMaker Talk, Acrobat Talk, GoLive
Talk, Dreamweaver Talk, Lasso Talk and more. Additional information
regarding Blue World hosted email discussion forums is available at