Wilmington, DE June 3, 1999.

Highwinds Trading Company (http://www.highwinds.com) is pleased to
introduce SecurePass(tm), a desktop archiving utility for encrypted
passwords and other security keys. SecurePass is shareware ($15. US).
It is available via FTP at ftp://ftp.highwinds.com, and as an email
attachment via autoresponder at

The purpose of SecurePass is:

a. To give the networked professional maximum password and passkey
protection (with strong encryption), in a flexible and simple
environment where he memorizes just one password for access to all of
his other passwords and encrypted keys.

b. To allow the user to store these secure keys on the local disk
rather than remove them to a “more secure” place (which is rarely as
secure as one might imagine); also to allow multiple users to store
SecureKeys on a shared computer without compromising their individual

c. To provide incentives for the user to use longer and more complex
passwords and security keys (inherently more secure). A random string
generator is included, as well as a tool that transfers a stored
password directly from SecurePass to the entry field where it is

d. To remove the disincentives for the user to change his passwords
regularly. Simplistic and unchanging passwords is perhaps the
greatest security risk to today’s networks. SecurePass allows the
user to change them more often without the risk of forgetting them or
having them become disorganized.

Notes about the Cryptography

The algorithms used by SecurePass are “SHA-1” for hashing and
“Blowfish” for encryption. Both are very secure and well-known in the
field of cryptography.

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