From: Mikael Hansen (
Subject: AutoShare 4.0, a freeware list server

AutoShare is a robust and speedy list server and auto-responder and
may be used with EIMS or SIMS. Available for both 68K and Power Macs,
requiring little memory and tested with Mac OS 8.6, AutoShare can
handle hundreds of mailing lists and thousands of subscribers for
each list. Full scriptability is supported, and an Admin application
with balloon help makes it easy to configure the richly featured
server application.

The AutoShare archive comes complete with script samples and
documentation covering features such as multiple preference sets,
fully automated web archives, remote administration by email,
subscriber and administrator web forms and advanced mail-back
confirmations. AutoShare is the only Macintosh list server offering a
built-in automated bounce and unsubscribe module, supporting both
hard and soft bounces. It can be used to launch external applications
and includes built-in Cron support. Process extenders, often small
AppleScript applications, allow the administrator to extend the
AutoShare server’s normal processing.

Version 4.0 introduces the built-in CGI request handling of
subscriber administration to be used with Macintosh web server
software, a number of new utility AppleScript commands, support for
the Rebound software plus minor improvements and bug fixes. The
AutoShare web site at ( offers
information on downloads, releases and discussion lists.
Mikael Hansen (