A preview of the Emil XML editor for Mac is now available from:


The full edition of Emil is faster and more powerful than the free
Emil Lite XML editor that we released last month, adding features
such as:
* Contextual Menus for efficient markup, listing allowed elements only.
* Validator to ensure correct markup based on any document type (DTD).
* Menus and Tag Catalog indicate elements valid in the cursor position.
* Palettes displaying document outline and element context.
* MacOS8 support for the Navigation Service and Appearance Manager.

Emil can export an XML document as HTML, allowing authors to take
advantage of extensible markup today while still keeping the pages
available for all browsers.

We offer early adapters a pre-release discount price of just $39,
less than half of the suggested retail price. Emil 1.0 is scheduled
for release later this month.

— Terje Norderhaug (terje@in-progress.com)

President & Chief Technologist
Media Design in*Progress
San Diego, California