WS4D/eCommerce Beta 15 is now available for public beta testing. More
information is available at

WS4D/eCommerce Features:

– No Programming, No CGI, No HTML to Write, enter your StoreFront data and
products and you are done!
– If you know HTML, completely customizable from HTML
– Products can easily be published to Search Engines
– Each StoreFront can be maintained from HTML (edit storefront, edit
products and view orders from any Browser)
– Unlimited StoreFronts or 1 StoreFront
– Shipping Charges (Flat Rate, By Weight or by Order Total)
– Sales Tax (complete flexibility for each StoreFront)
– Support Multiple Currencies!
– Includes AuthorizeNet Support for automated credit card authorization.
– Email Notification of new orders
– Repeat customers only need to enter email address and password, instead
of reentering all data.
– On order completion. Order receipt email to person purchasing, StoreFront
email address and order saved in Saved Order Folder.
– Ability to export orders in Quicken, QuickBooks, Excel, MacAuthorize or
– MacOS or Windows NT
– Standalone Application, no need for Database or CGI’s. Will run as
standalone web server or CGI to your existing MacOS web server (WebStar,
WebTen, Quid Pro Quo, etc.)

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