Subject: H2C 1.1 Released
From: “Antoine Beyeler” (

Antoine Beyeler proudly annouces the release of the much-awaited H2C 1.1.

H2C is a time saving jewel for C++ programmers.

Instead of declaring each class member functions twice — once in the
header file (.h) and once in the source file (.cp) — H2C
automatically generates a source file containing all the class member
functions from a given header file.

H2C features:
++ rapid access with drag and drop of header files
++ plug-in architecture to create personalized output (source files written
with a customized style, or, for example, code documentation template —
anything is possible!).

Changes in version 1.1:
++ added support for template classes
++ added support for operators
++ better sort options for plug-in writters
++ many bugs corrected

System 7.5 or later
PowerPC processor

For questions and information, be sure to visit

If you decide to use H2C, please register. It’s only 15 USD for a
single user license or 400 USD for a site license.
Antoine Beyeler
Geneva, Switzerland