Qdea Releases Public Beta of Synchronize! Pro 4.0

File Synchronization and Backup over the Internet

May 4, 1999
St. Paul, MN
For Worldwide Release

Qdea announced today the release of a free public beta of its file
synchronization and backup utility, Synchronize! Pro 4.0.

Version 4.0 works with Qdea’s file sharing utility, SpeedShare, to
automatically synchronize and backup files via TCP/IP, to and from
any Macintosh connected to the Internet.

The public beta is available through May 31, 1999 at http://www.Qdea.com.

Suggested List Price for Synchronize! Pro is $99.95.

The company is making a special offer available through July 4, 1999:
When purchased with Synchronize! Pro, SpeedShare Server is an
additional $10.00. Suggested List Price for SpeedShare Server is

Qdea is an innovative developer and publisher of Macintosh software,
whose product, Synchronize!, was the first file synchronization
product available for the Mac. Its product Synchronize! Pro is used
by Apple Computer and other companies to maintain their Web sites.

Hugh Sontag
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