From: Marco Bambini (
Subject: ANNOUNCE: OpenWorld 2.0

What is OpenWorld?

OpenWorld is a plug-in for any HTTP server compatible with the W*API
1.1 (like WebSTAR, AppleShare IP, WebTen or Quid Pro Quo). It adds
server side include capabilities to your server and also allows you
to extend the HTML language by writing your own tags in C, in
AppleScript or in Perl so you can report every kind of dynamic
information in your pages.

Why is so powerful?
You can create many kinds of custom plug-ins. You can write plug-ins
using the C language by following the simple API provided in the
documentation and you can also write plug-ins using AppleScript,
saving them as a compiled script if you don’t need dynamic
information from the server or as an uncompiled script (text) if you
do need such dynamic information. In addition to this, OpenWorld
provides a number of internal commands (that you can write directly
into the HTML pages) which are described in the guide.

Remember that you can pass dynamic information to your AppleScript
scripts, so you have a complete new way to easily develop powerful
new HTML tags.

For more information, or to download a free, fully-functional demo of
OpenWorld 2.0, visit (software

Thank you for your time,

Marco Bambini