From: Jesse Jones (

Whisper is a free, open source, general purpose Mac/Win32 C++
application framework. It’s the successor to the Mac framework Raven.
Like Raven Whisper is a modern framework that takes advantage of
templates, multiple inheritance, STL, and exceptions. It’s also
designed around the notion of Design by Contract and includes
numerous debugging tools.

Whisper 1.1 and a complete change history can be found at
( The major
changes are:

1) CodeWarrior (or MSVC) can now be used on Windows.

2) An Install.txt file has been added.

3) Instead of broadcasting, controls use Rich Hickey’s callback
classes for notifications.

4) The object streaming code has been revised to support XML streaming.

5) HeapManager, BestFitHeap, Doug Lea, and malloc XAllocator
subslasses have been added.

6) XMenu’s can now be constructed from an XML resource. Also help
messages can now be specified for dynamicly generated menus.

7) Added XListBoxControl, XProgressBarControl, and XMemoryMappedFile classes.

8) Quite a few bugs have been squashed.

— Jesse