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Tel-Aviv, Israel. Apr. 26 1998 – Best MacOS File Viewer Improved.
Version 2.6.5 of RealView has been released. RealView 2.6.5 now
support all major image file formats, Drag and Drop, “Smart Open” for
files, zoom in and out, New from Clipboard and a host of other
features. All that, and RealView still remains the fastest, clean,
mean non crashing file Viewer there is.

RealView is a Shareware application for the MacOS computers, designed
for fast viewing, converting and printing of text, image and data
files. RealView can open any file and display its contents as an
image, styled text (including embedded pictures), Plain Text or as a
Hex dump.

RealView is the best solution for people who would like to view
image, PC, UNIX, HTML, ReadMe or any “unknown” or “orphan” files…
All with one application. RealView’s fast on-the-fly conversion can
further help a user view files comfortably by getting rid of those
pesky UNIX garbage and HTML tags. First released in 1995, RealView
has long been the fastest file viewer available for the Mac. RealView
is up to 6 times faster than SimpleText, but still light on its feet
(just under 0.3 MB of disk space and 1.2 MB of RAM). Over and above
all those, RealView simply does its job. There are no flashy buttons,
over-crowded dialog boxes and perpetual beta stage bugs. Just plain,
daily, needed functionality.

RealView 2.6.5 is available for download at:
Shareware fee is $25 US.

Contact Information: