The Open With Package 2.0 is now Available.

The Open With Package lets you easily open documents with any
application that can open them. Simply control-click on a document
and a list of all applications that can open it will pop-up in the
contextual menu. Just choose the one that you want.

Open With Package is a boon for developers and graphics
professionals. For developers, you can control-click on ResEdit
documents to open them with Resourcer or Constructor. Or
control-click on MPW documents to open them with CodeWarrior.
Graphics Pros can open Illustrator documents in Photoshop etc. No
navigating through Open dialogs, the application you want is just a
control-click away.

The Open With Package consists of an application and contextual menu
plugin which work in concert to find your applications, get info on
them so the plugin shows only those applications that can open the
documents selected, and do it quickly.

Requires Mac OS 8.0 or later, Mac OS Easy Open.

The Open With Package is available from

Shareware US$10. Although not restricted in any way, please pay so
that I can afford to continue development.

Contact for more information.
About the author:
Peter O’Gorman is a part-time programmer who has been using Macs
since 1988 and has been writing software since 1984.