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[NPL] Abstrakt Utilix for FileMaker

Madrid, 03/25/99 – For Inmediate Release.

Abstrakt has released today a new version of Utilix. With more than
350 downloads since its first version, one month ago, this popular
Filemaker Pro plug-in contains a set of free miscellaneous External
Functions that complement the functionality of FileMaker Pro for

Utilix 0.4 includes four new functions designed to help FileMaker Pro
developers to create more integrated solutions.

The functions Alerta and Request provide developers with two
different dialogs. The first one shows a message to the user. Instead
of using a fixed message like the built-in function, Alerta lets
developer use any string, even the content of a field. The other one,
Request, implements a simple data entry modal dialog, useful to ask
user for specific values.

The other two new additions to Utilix deal with the clipboard.
Sometimes a developer uses a function of FileMaker Pro, such Copy or
any External Function that changes the clipboard without the user
knowledge. This situation can be annoying to users that rely on the
clipboard to keep data that can be lost. Using SaveClipboard and
RestoreClipboard around a function that alters the clipboard,
developers can keep its content apparently untouched for the user,
while still using and modifying it for their own functions.

Price and availability
Utilix 0.4 is free and can be downloaded right now from Abstrakts
website. Additionally, Utilix will be bundled with the other plug-ins
from Abstrakt : aliasManager, iMago and Styler.

You can get more information about this and other products by
Abstrakt at

Faustino Forcen

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