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[NPL] Abstrakt announces aliasManager 1.0 for FileMaker

Abstrakt announces aliasManager 1.0

Madrid, 03/22/99 – For Inmediate Release.

Abstrakt has made available today aliasManager 1.0, a set of
FileMaker Pro External Functions that allow users to create, store
and handle alias from inside FileMaker Pro databases.

With aliasManager 1.0 users can store alias to their favourite files
in standard container fields. They simply need to pass the icon on
the container field back to the aliasManager 1.0 functions to open
the original file, get its complete path or simply reveal it on the

Specially interesting for developers of multilingual products is the
ability of aliasManager for changing the language used to show error
messages with just a function call. Languages available right now are
english, spanish and catalonian, with more languages coming soon.

Price and availability
aliasManager 1.0 is priced at 25$, with a developer license available
for just 150$. aliasManager 1.0 can be registered online and put into
production inmediatly, since you only need a valid serial number to
“unlock” it.

You can get more information about this and other products by
Abstrakt at

Faustino Forcen

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