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Utilix FileManager Pro Plug-in

From: Faustino Forcen (
Subject: Abstrakt announces release 0.6 of Utilix

Abstrakt has released another version of Utilix, the popular FileMaker Pro
plugin that groups different utilities that range from text processing to
image measuring.

Utilix started more than a year ago as a showcase of what could be done
using FileMaker Pro External Functions. After more than 3000 downloads it
has become a valuable repository of useful tools for MacOS FileMaker Pro

New version adds two new functions to get dimensions of an image, and a
general cleanup to the other 16 functions. Amongst them are useful
functions as Pronom, that modifies an string to place any pronom after the
name (thus allowing a better sorting by titles), or Get/NewPath that allow
users to get complete paths to external files.

Price and availability
Utilix 0.6 is free for single licenses, with a 50$ developer license for
those who want to integrate it and distribute it along with their
solutions. It can be downloaded right now from Abstrakts website.
Additionally, Utilix is bundled with other plug-ins from Abstrakt as
aliasManager, iMago, Kami or diStyler.

You can get more information about this and other products by Abstrakt at

Faustino Forcen

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