Text Cleaner Lite 1.51, an update to the popular freeware utility is
available for immediate download. The update includes documentation
that was missing in 1.5 and an updated Panorama application (3.15).

Please direct questions to (405ware@studio405.com).

Text below describes Text Cleaner Lite

Text Cleaner Lite 1.51
by Studio 405, Inc.

Text Cleaner Lite is the freeware version of the commercial package
Text Cleaner. Text Cleaner Lite provides correct typesetting marks
and input error correction in one pass, eliminating the need for
common search and replace routines. The 1.5 upgrade adds text
preparation for the World-Wide Web by changing common text characters
with no direct HTML conversion to their web-safe counterparts.

Summary of features:

Removes multiple spaces, returns and tabs
Creates curly or straight quotes
Corrects foot and inch measurement marks
Corrects apostrophes for year abbreviations
Creates or removes en and em dashes
Removes spaces before and after tabs, returns, hyphens and em dashes
Creates or removes ligatures and ellipses
Removes page breaks Removes email quote symbols
Converts line breaks to wrapped text
Performs all cleaning operations in the best possible sequence
All operations are optional

The full version of Text Cleaner includes additional features
including drag and drop, Xpress Tag recognition, presets and more.

To find out more about Text Cleaner and Text Cleaner Lite, go to:

System requirements: Text Cleaner Lite requires a Mac OS compatible
computer with 2 megabytes of free hard drive space, and operating
system version 7.0 or higher with 2,000K of available RAM.