Starting Monday, February 8th, Tango Development Studio version 3.52
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With the combination of increasing demand, compressed development
cycles and a shortage of developers, there is a significant increase
in the demand for development productivity. This in combination with
the opportunities created by new Web applications, means demand is
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This new version of the Tango Development Studio is all you need to
develop and test web-based applications. Included is:
– Tango Development Studio v3.52 – a visual development environment
– Tango Personal Application Server v3.52 – a single user version of the
high-performing Tango application server
– Database Platforms:
– Pervasive.SQL v7 Workstation – the leading embedded database for
– Butler SQL v2.5 for Mac OS
– Apache v1.3 web server – the leading web server
– ODBC drivers from Intersolv – world leading connectivity solution for
database access

Plus, all of this!
– 60 days of FREE telephone or email tech support
– FREE access to our Tango knowledge base
– FREE periodic e-mail of what’s new in Tango Development
– FREE seminars introducing you to the power of Tango

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