StayAlive Crash Protection Software for Windows (95/98/NT) Released

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London, England — January 19, 1999 (Software Wire) — TFI Technology
Ltd today announced the release of StayAlive 2.0b, the premier
application crash protection software for Microsoft Windows Operating

Losing hours of work when an application crashes is a painful
experience. It is often impossible to recover the work and, of
course, it always happens at midnight when the support staff are in
bed and the courier is in the lobby. StayAlive 2.0 is demonstrably
the best insurance against this scenario.

StayAlive 2.0 is a new generation crash protector combining
unparalleled performance in an incredibly small package. Tests
demonstrate that it out-performs leading competitors in recovering
faults that are commonly found in Windows software.

Weighing in at a mere 400Kb, this version incorporates a new
protection scheme making it up to 30% better at recovering
applications after a crash than the previous version. This, together
with an improved user interface, make StayAlive 2.0 the best crash
protection software available.

“We’ve tested this latest version of StayAlive 2.0 against the
competition, using their tests, and we come out on top. We’re really
excited about this latest release,” said Phil Brown, Technical
Director of TFI Technology Ltd.

StayAlive 2.0 is available for Windows 95, Windows 98 or Windows NT
4.0 from TFI Technology Ltd for $35. A 30-day evaluation version is
also available at (

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