January 11, 1999 (San Luis Obispo, CA) The culmination of four years
work came to fruition last Tuesday at the keynote address when Steve
Jobs announced Apple OpenGL. One of the highlights of the keynote was
John Carmack’s demo of Quake III. The spellbinding demo (Mac first)
was an excellent introduction to the power and performance of Apple’s
new OpenGL implementation.

Apple has licensed OpenGL from Silicon Graphics and purchased the
Conix source code. Conix has been providing OpenGL for the Macintosh
community for three and a half years. Hardware acceleration has been
available for nearly a year. Robert Beretta and John Stauffer, the
engineering talent behind Conix OpenGL, have been hired by Apple
Computer to continue development.

Conix will continue to support the Mathematica plug-ins: Conix 3D
Explorer and Mechanical Systems ( and continue to
update OpenGL for eXodus, MachTen, X-Ten and Code Builder.

Information about OpenGL at Apple can be found at:

Thank you to all our customers, supporters and to the press.
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