FileMaker Asks “What’s Your Problem?” At Macworld Expo, And Expands Ad Campaign

San Francisco, Calif., MacWorld EXPO, January 4, 1999 – The
provocative “What’s Your Problem?” theme for FileMaker database
software ads comes to MacWorld Expo opening here tomorrow, the
company announced.

FileMaker ads ask “What’s Your Problem?” to increase awareness of the
vast range of business problems it solves. Now the company will
cross-pollinate its MacWorld Expo efforts with the same theme.

FileMaker booth presentations on business solutions will use the same
stories highlighted in ads and on the firm’s website
( The success stories show workgroups in
corporations and entire small businesses easily creating and sharing
databases to manage projects, track customers and organize assets.
Workgroup solutions using the new FileMaker Pro 4.1 ODBC import
capability will star in the company’s demos and presentations. A
broad range of business solutions created by FileMaker developers New
Millennium, Quetzal and Waves In Motion will also be demonstrated.

“What’s Your Problem?” ads, running in publications such as Business
Week, Time and Fortune, are already working, said Dominique Goupil,
FileMaker president.

The ad campaign is the company’s biggest in years, Goupil said, and
will expand to more business magazines in January. Additional
vehicles will include Wired, Smart Money and Worth. The campaign was
created by TBWA/CHIAT/DAY Los Angeles.

FileMaker is the second-largest selling PC database software and the
long-time dominant leader in Macintosh databases, focused on the
emerging workgroup-database market. Departments in large corporations
and entire small businesses are solving business problems thanks to
the power and ease of FileMaker.

Winner of the prestigious 1998 Best Business Software Codie Award
from the Software Publishers Association, FileMaker provides
relational power, ODBC import, instant and custom Web publishing and
legendary ease-of-use.
Media contact:
Steve Ruddock
FileMaker, Inc.
(408) 987-7202