Grantham, NH – December 28, 1998 – Bowers Development has posted a minor
update for AppMaker #11 to support Metrowerks’ recently released PowerPlant
1.9.3. . It also includes minor bug fixes and enhancements for PowerPlant,
C/C++ OS8, plain C OS8, and Pascal OS8.

The update is available for download from

About AppMaker

AppMaker is a programming tool that makes it faster and easier to
make a Macintosh application – not just the user interface, but also
the functional code. With AppMaker you create the menus, windows,
dialogs and their contents by clicking and dragging to arrange what
you want on-screen. You also point and click to declare data
structures and to connect UI items to data items. AppMaker creates
resources to describe your design, and generates “human, professional
quality code” in your choice of either procedural or object-oriented
programming languages.

More than a GUI Builder

The theme in AppMaker #11 is to write more of the application logic
for you. Code that you would have had to write by hand, AppMaker now
generates for you. You design your user interface and design the data
items, then connect them. AppMaker generates the skeleton, the
sinews, and much of the muscle of the application logic in addition
to generating resources and source code for the user interface.

Pricing and Availability

AppMaker CD #11 is available now from DevDepot,, or from Bowers Development, The $199 price includes a one-year

About Bowers Development

Bowers Development was formed in 1989 to develop programmer productivity tools.

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