[ANN] Pro 4.1 MacOS Compiler 2.2.1 & MSL 4.1.05 for Mac


Pro 4.1 MacOS Compiler 2.2.1 & MSL 4.1.05 for Mac updates CodeWarrior
Pro 4 to compiler version 2.2.1 and MSL C++ version 4.1.05. This is a
bugfix release for the 2.2 compiler shipped orginally with Pro 4. See
the release notes for details.

This update includes only MacOS (68K, PPC) compilers. You should
install the IDE 3.3 patch before installing this update.

You will need to rebuild your libraries and precompiled headers after
installing this patch, see the “Library Build Instructions” file in
the patch for details.

Note: In the release notes under (deque) there is mention of a known
bug where outstanding iterators might be invalidated during an
aborted push_front. The bug is fixed in this release. The release
notes were mistakenly not updated accordingly.

This archive was submitted on 12/21/1998 (CWPRO4 Release) and occupies
2727k of disk space.
You can download it at URL:


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