December 7, 1998 — South Lake Tahoe, CA — Today Cache Computing announced
that it is now shipping DCon 1.0. DCon is a system extension that adds a
console window and file logging services to the Mac OS. It can be used to
record and display status and debugging information during the development

DCon can be called from virtually any code, any where at any time. DCon
does not allocate memory or otherwise rely on the Mac OS ToolBox. It can be
called from interrupt handlers, I/O completion routines, VBL tasks,
deferred tasks, etc., just to name a few of the places where DCon really
shines. DCon is also ideal for developers who miss “debugging via printf”,
a technique which is very common on other CLI driven operating systems, but
is not readily available on the Mac OS.

More information, a downloadable demo version, and online ordering is
available at

For further information, please contact:
Cache Computing