November 19, 1998

Xperts, Inc. Announces Release of X2O 1.1

Richmond, Virginia — Xperts, Inc. today released version 1.1 of X2O for
Mac OS. X2O is a WebSTAR Plug-in and development kit that serves as an
interface between Oracle databases and Web Servers, including Personal
Oracle for Power Macintosh. With X2O clients can create industrial strength
Dynamic HTML Internet and Intranet applications from their existing Oracle
Database. X2O 1.1 is now available for Solaris, AIX and Windows NT as well.

X2O 1.1 enables the delivery of server and platform independent Internet
and Intranet applications in an affordable package. The new release
includes support for: dynamic HTML, dynamic PDF, HTTP support, state
management (cookies), file upload and download, HTML templates, generation
of any text-based content type and JavaScript support. With X2O developers
have unlimited control of web content through the use of Oracle PL/SQL and
additional packages that come with X2O that streamline the logic for
creating complex Web sites. X2O applications are fully machine independent
and thus offer the greatest scalability of any Web/Database solution.

Evaluation copies of X2O 1.1 for all platforms are available now at

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Contact: Rob Simms, Vice President of Products
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