StarNine Technology, Inc. is pleased to announce the release a of WebSTAR
3.0.2, a free upgrade for WebSTAR 3 users. This update offers a number of
fixes and enhancements to the current feature set including improved FTP
and MacBinary compatibility, work-arounds for Open Transport memory leaks
on PowerPC machines, data cache fixes to prevent files from being held
“open” and various SSI improvements, among others. In addition, WebSTAR
3.0.2 adds support for FTP uploading of MacBinary III files and implements
the new multi-vendor standard Virtual Domain Manager API (VDMAPI) that
allows Plug-Ins to configure and set various virtual host related

We encourage all WebSTAR 3.0.x customers to upgrade to WebSTAR 3.0.2 using
one of the following archives:

WebSTAR 3.0.2 Updater (updates all previous versions of WebSTAR 3,
including WebSTAR/SSL, to version 3.0.2) – 12.6 MB

WebSTAR 3.0.2 Active Installer (contains only the main WebSTAR files and
will download additional components as needed) – 3.5 MB

WebSTAR 3.0.2 Installer (full install, downloadable from multiple mirror
sites) – 14.9 MB (

NOTE: Please take special note of the “Changes and fixes for WebSTAR 3.0.2”
section of the “About WebSTAR 3.0.2” file as numerous changes have been
made in the WebSTAR 3.0.2 release.