The 7th part in the HTMLEdit series is now available on Stepwise.

In this article, we show how to support drag and drop of color swatches to
add color tags to your HTML.

HTMLEdit is an Yellow Box HTML editor application that is being constructed
and extended over a period of articles. When completed, it will support
multiple documents, drag and drop, previewing, undo and redo, find, user
preferences, templates and more.

The source that accompanies each article is available from our FTP server.

Article 1: Working with NSDocument – A Practical Primer Building the basic

Article 2: Adding Drag and Drop and Previewing to HTMLEdit Adding the
ability to accept links that are dragged and dropped from other
applications (most notably OmniWeb) and the option of previewing your HTML
in OmniWeb.

Article 3: Using the new unified NSTextView Pasteboard API for
drag-and-drop Backtracking slightly, and explaining some of the
implementation choices so far.

Article 4: Seek and you shall find
Adding a find and replace panel to HTMLEdit.

Article 5: Do you have a preference?
Adding the preferences panel to HTMLEdit.

Article 6: At your Service
Adding services support to HTMLEdit.

Article 7: Add a splash of color to your HTML Adding support for
drag-and-drop of color tags to HTMLEdit.