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WebDoubler Update Corrects Sherlock Queries

November 6, 1998 — Maxum Development Corp. announced today the release of
a free WebDoubler plug-in that corrects a bug in Sherlock, the new Web
searching system found in Apple’s Mac OS 8.5. Apple has acknowledged that
Sherlock can display error messages, instead of search results, when using
an HTTP proxy server such as Maxum’s recently released WebDoubler.

The new plug-in for WebDoubler intercepts the bad Sherlock queries and
corrects them as they are sent to the search engines. Not only does the
plug-in allow Sherlock queries to be processed by WebDoubler, but it
reconstructs the query so that upstream proxies and host servers will also
function correctly. WebDoubler, which runs on Mac OS, is the first HTTP
proxy server to actively detect and correct the Sherlock proxy bug.

The new plug-in is available free at:

Free demonstration versions of WebDoubler are also available.

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