October 30, 1998

Casady & Greene is please to announce that Conflict Catcher 8, winner of a
perfect 5 mice rating from Macworld Magazine in the December 1998 issue,
has added more great features in version 8.0.3. Casady & Greene recommends
all Conflict Catcher 8 users update to version 8.0.3. It is available at no
cost to Conflict Catcher 8 owners over the internet at

Conflict Catcher 8.0.3 now supports Sherlock Internet Searching by managing
the Internet Search Sites folder. This allows users to create sets of
Sherlock search site plugins. Conflict Catcher’s reference library has been
expanded to include descriptions for over 3900 files, including
descriptions for Sherlock internet search sites.

Conflict Catcher has the latest Mac OS 8.5 information for the
Clean-Install System Merge. Conflict Catcher also correctly labels original
items into the new system folder when merging. This version has improved
support for 68k Macintoshes.

Conflict Catcher can be registered over the Internet by selecting Register
Online from the Apple menu.

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Visit our World Wide Web site homepage at: http://www.casadyg.com