AppMaker Supports CodeWarrior Pro 4

Grantham, NH – October 20, 1998 – Bowers Development has released a minor
update for AppMaker #10 to support Metrowerks’ CodeWarrior Pro 4. The
update can be downloaded from

The AppMaker-generated and library code is already compatible with CW Pro
4. The update contains new CodeWarrior project files. “The
incompatibilities between Pro 3 and Pro 4 were minor and were documented in
Metrowerks’ release notes. This was one of the easier transitions,” said
Spec Bowers, President of Bowers Development.

AppMaker’s generated code helps programmers separate user interface code
from application logic. Users define their data structures, define the user
interface, then connect user interface items to data items. AppMaker
generates code for UI items to Get and Set the values of data items.
Additionally, programmers can specify code fragments for AppMaker to insert
into the generated code.

About AppMaker
AppMaker is a programming tool that makes it faster and easier to develop a
Macintosh application. Users point and click to design menus, windows,
dialogs, and their contents including icon buttons, sliders, progress bars,
group boxes, and tab panels. Then AppMaker generates expert-quality source
code and resources to implement their design.

Pricing and Availability
AppMaker #10 is available now from DevDepot,, or from Bowers Development, The $199 price includes a one-year

About Bowers Development
Bowers Development was formed in 1989 to develop programmer productivity tools.

Press contact:
Spec Bowers
Bowers Development
603-863-0945, fax 863-3857