From: Harry Alloul (
Subject: PrintGuard 1.0.7 update

Objective Software announces the maintenance release of PrintGuard 1.0.7.

* Version 1.0.7 (98/10/12)
– PrintGuard can now manage 1 to 6 printers on your network
– Fully compatible with the new LaserWriter 8 printer driver
provided with MacOS 8.5
– Updated the PrintGuard documentation

PrintGuard – a control panel to restrict user access to network printers
you wish to protect. Useful for your company, university, cybercafe,
wherever there are free access computers with network printers. And this
can save trees too!

Imagine your network includes a dye sublimation printer and somebody tries
to use it to print a 300 pages manual… and just think how much this will
cost you! PrintGuard will warn this thoughtless user that the printer
he/she chose is an expensive one to use.

The new version can now limit access to up to six printers.

Author: Harry Alloul
Site License: $100 (covers all the computers of a single organization).
Price: $10 (shareware, see docs for more info)

A site license of StartThing… what for?

If you intend to use PrintGuard on a single computer, the site license is
not for you: you only need to get a $10 single-user license.

However, you can choose to get a $100 site license. Then, you will be able
to use it on all computers of your organization (edu, company,
cyber-Internet-center, etc.).

Have Fun!

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