Subject: Autostart Hunter 1.1 released
From: Yukos World (

Yukos World is proud to announce the release of Autostart Hunter 1.1.

‘Autostart Hunter’ is a tiny anti virus software designed for exclusively
for the worm named ‘Autostart-9805’.

The worm was first found in HongKong in May 1998. It infects only PowerPC
based Macintosh via strage media like CD-ROM, MO, zip, jaz etc. including
hard disks, by using the feature QuickTime 2.0 (or higher) povides.

It then destroys some files stored in hard disk. Especially, since it
attacks to PostScript composite font files (for Adobe Type Manager), many
damages are reported in Japan.

Autostart Hunter is a freeware, can be downloaded from our web site. Both
English and Japanese version are available.

Now, Postcard-style manual is included.

English version is at:

Japanese version is at:

Thank you,

Akira Nagata
Yukos World Co., Ltd.