Press Release
For Immediate Release

September 29, 1998

Windows-to-Macintosh Porting Reference Online

(Portland, OR) – Vertical Solutions has added a new online
Windows-to-Macintosh Porting Reference to their web site at

The Porting Reference provides Windows developers with tools and
information to make a porting decision and with enough information to
launch a Macintosh marketing program.

The most eye-opening thing in the Reference is a calculator that estimates
the potential Mac sales for a Windows product:

The Porting Reference includes:
– An overview of available porting tools and how to use them
– Time estimates for completing the port relative to original
– A primer on Macintosh marketing
– Relative costs of Macintosh marketing
– Market research
– Marketing links to research, distributors, resellers, publications
and web sites, and
– A calculator that estimates a Mac product’s sales based on a
Windows product’s sales

Vertical Solutions has been a Macintosh software developer since 1989 and
specializes in Windows-to-Macintosh ports.

Henry Carstens
Vertical Solutions
PO Box 1150
Beaverton, OR 97008