The Text Cleaner 1.03 update is available at

To find out what version you have, launch Text Cleaner and select “About
Text Cleaner” from the Apple Menu. If you have 1.03, there is no need to

Technical support is available by sending email to (

Revision History
* Fixed inch marks not being converted to quotes if at beginning of
paragraph. Incorrect curly quotes (open vs closed) are now corrected when

* Fixed problem with error message when cleaning file “can’t close sound”
if scrubbing sounds were off when Text Cleaner was launched.

* Fixed problem where double greater-than symbols ())) used as double email
reply marks were not removed on the first line of text.
* New feature: Added option via pop-up menu to change multiple returns to a
double or a single return. Double is set as the default.

Glenn Kowalski
Studio 405

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