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BUC, FRANCE – 25 August 1998 – ADNT launches PlainSoft XAS, a 100% Java
API, designed to automate all the processing between databases,
applications and graphical interfaces.

XAS frees developers from any SQL programming, regardless of the type of
application or the size and complexity of the database. It simplifies the
design and implementation of associated interfaces.

PlainSoft XAS offers numerous data handling functions and does not requires
databases to adhere strictly to the relational model. It handles all the
linking for the graphical interface, data presentation and updating. The
query manager provides the user with simple, but highly effective
interrogation facilities.

Developers will achieve shorter development cycles because PlainSoft’s XAS
API so easy to use and needs so little code. Users will value the clarity
and power of the interface.

PlainSoft XAS runs under all Java compatible operating systems. A program
written in PlainSoft XAS will work with Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL
server, MS Access, and other databases without any modification. All that’s
required is a JDBC driver.

The current version has been tested with AWT and JFC. Adding greater remote
access security, and even simpler intra/internet implementation, an
alternative XAS based on a Java servlet and HTML client is under test.
Further developments using JavaBeans and a Java servlet/applet are already

PlainSoft XAS takes all the effort out of creating reliable, easy to use,
high-performance applications.

A month’s evaluation license, including full documentation is available
from our web site:

Special introductory price: ~USD 99.00 (without runtime royalties) Version

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PlainSoft XAS – Highlights

– Transparent database access management
(connect, disconnect, queries, errors)
– Generation and execution of SQL queries
– Copes with some features not standard in the relational model
– No limits on complexity of database
– Supports multiple key relations
– Numerous data types
(allows for internationalization and customization)
– Multiple windows/panels
– Customizable, predefined menu bar
– Data hyperlinks (allow users to move contextually between panels to
access associated data)
– Various data input/display fields formats
(fields can be grouped in tables or sub-panels)
– Display effects to indicate data status (modified, read only, etc.)
– Optimized, progressive and buffered data retrieval
– Transactional updating to ensure data integrity
– Navigation through data entirely managed by API
– Automatic inclusion of common search criteria
(simplifies designing searches for users)
– Combined searches on all fields in a panel
(even for fields from different tables)
– Saves latest set of search criteria
– Numerous debugging levels and options
– SQL script interpreter – creates portable scripts
– Extensively illustrated documentation (HTML), plus on-line reference
manual (javadoc)
– and more…

Interfaces supported:
– SWING/JFC (beta version)
– Servlet + HTML (available very soon, currently under test)

XAS works with the following databases:
Oracle, Sybase, Informix, MS SQL, MS Access, and more…

Detailed feature list is available at the ADNT website:

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