August 19, 1998

Media Contact:
Bill Doerrfeld, President & CEO
Blue World Communications, Inc.


BELLEVUE, WA – August 19, 1998 – Blue World Communications, Inc. today
announced the immediate availability of Lasso 3 Beta Release 1 for the
following Lasso 3 product line applications and modules: Lasso 3 ISAPI
Plug-in for IIS 2 for Windows NT, Lasso 3 W*API Plug-in for Mac OS, Lasso 3
CGI for Mac OS, Lasso 3 Server for Mac OS, Lasso 3 ODBC module for Windows
NT and Mac OS and Lasso 3 FileMaker Pro module for Windows NT and Mac OS.

Organizations and individuals who have waited for the power and flexibility
of Lasso technology operating on multiple platforms with multiple data
sources are encouraged to immediately evaluate the capabilities in Lasso 3.

In addition, third-party developers are encouraged to explore
specifications now available for the newly introduced Lasso Java
Application Programming Interface (LJAPI). LJAPI allows developers to
easily extend Lasso 3’s capabilities creating custom commands, tags, data
sources and more.

Lasso 3 Beta Release 1 is available from the Blue World download page at

Information about the Lasso 3 product line is located at

Pricing information for new purchases and upgrades is found at

About Blue World Communications, Inc.
Blue World Communications ( provides the Lasso 3
product line in fulfillment of its “bringing business to the internet”
mission. Blue World, based in Bellevue, WA, is a privately held company
founded in 1992.

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Communications, Inc. FileMaker Pro is a trademark of FileMaker, Inc.,
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