General Edit 1.0.2 Debugs and Analyzes Complex File Formats

Berkeley, CA-July 28, 1998-Quadrivio Corporation announced General Edit
1.0.2, an update to the file utility designed to help Mac OS programmers
view or edit data files with complex binary formats. The new version
handles recursive formats such as QuickTime. A free updater for registered
users and the $195 on-line version are available from Quadrivio’s web site.

General Edit, introduced in January, has become a valued addition to the
toolbox of Mac OS developers. Users report saving days of debugging effort
through the utility’s ability to display simply, clearly, and interactively
the contents of complicated data structures.

The tool is a powerful alternative to simple hex or ASCII file editors. The
user types familiar, C-like statements to specify the file format. The
format is checked and compiled interactively and the tool immediately
displays the file’s contents in one or more formats. The file’s format
specification can be saved separately and re-used. The new version ships
with example definitions for portions of the PICT, TIFF, and QuickTime file

Quadrivio Corporation can be reached at (510) 524-3246; info@quadrivio.com;