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We are pleased to announce the launch of the Macintosh E-mail Resource Page
(MERP). There are many great E-mail clients available for Macintosh users,
and this information is spread out on the World Wide Web. This page is here
to serve as a starting point for everything Macintosh and E-mail.

The MERP is designed for new users shopping around for a new e-mail client,
or for current users that are looking for valuable information about their
current E-mail applications. Links to those resources are categorized
below. As time goes on we will continue to update this page with new and
relevant information. However, what we will not do is provide redundant
information to you. The various “Unofficial” sites about Eudora, Outlook
Express, Mailsmith, and Emailer have a great deal of information related to
those applications.

There is a lot of information about e-mail clients that is universal. There
are also many shareware and commercial products that function with all the
e-mail clients available. Most of the links on this site point to external
sites and are in no way associated with the Macintosh E-mail Resource Page.
Links that point to pages that are hosted by the MERP are indicated. Please
feel free to send in feedback about this site and I hope you will find it a
valuable resource.

You may visit the site at (

– Omar Shahine
– Diane Ross