Host Solutions has launched as a Macintosh only website hosting provider!

June 16, 1998 — Host Solutions is a newly founded website hosting provider
which offers Macintosh only website hosting on Power Macintosh G3 computers
running at a blazing 300MHz. Each of the servers is connected to a T1 line,
offering a speedy connection to the internet.

Host Solutions provides friendly service, personal support, fast
connections, extremely stable servers, and flexable hosting solutions. The
new age of small business has arrived, and the internet is leading the way
to success and profit.

If you, your company, or someone you know isn’t satisfied with their
current hosting provider, Host Solutions is their best move to turn your
bad experiences into worry-free, fast hosting, combined with personal
support and recommendations to better your site. Our services are some of
the most cost-effective solutions in the market, and we’re sure that you’ll
be satisfied with our services.

Visit Host Solutions website for further information at:

Be sure to email us with any questions or concerns that you might have.

Joel Mueller
Providing the fastest Power Macintosh website hosting on the net!