From: mennig (mennigmann@KAGI.COM)

Hi everybody!

Today I released a public beta of the Macintosh security application

Version 2.0 is a major release with lots of enhancements and new features:

Password Keys can use multiple modifiers (command, option, control and
shift). Keys like the F-Keys, the Help Key or the Backspace Key can also be
used as part of the Password Key.

The Setup application is completely rewritten to be compatible with all
Macs running System 7.1. There will be no more problems when changing the
Password Key on PowerMacs. Further it is completely Appearance manager

You can choose to press the “Esc” key instead of click on “Shutdown” to
continue the system startup.

Security hole fixed! There was a security hole in former versions. THE
BLOCK accepted keyclicks between the command+pass combination and the click
on the “Shutdown” button. Now you have to click on “Shutdown” or “Esc”
(depending on your preferences) immediately after typing in the Password

THE BLOCK is no longer crippleware! No more shareware reminders will remind
you to register. I rely on Mac users to be different and to support quality
shareware by registering the software they use.


If you are interested in this great step forward, please download it at:

The filesize is slightly above 1MB.

The final release is scheduled for June 15, the beta will expire June 16.

Have a great weekend,
Marc Mennigmann