April 14, 1998 — Please note that Funnel Web 1.7 has just been released
and supports a number of new features and improvements. The most notable
change is the new floating palette and performance boost of over 50-100% on
large log files.

Demonstration versions and updaters are available from the Active Concepts
Web site at: http://www.activeconcepts.com

Other notable changes include:

Version 1.7 (14 April, 1998)
* Fixed crash with certain IIS 3.0 logs which contained custom fields

* Fixed problem with Sonic logs which contained a non standard field at the
end of each line

* Redesigned main palette interface in line with Version 2.0 features

* Added path checking routine prior to analysis

* Added new “Ignore self referrals” option when generating referral reports.

* Fixed problem with some Apache logs which contain embedded inverted
commas in the referral field

* Improved performance by up to 50% or greater for larger log files
Macintosh specific

* Added drag and drop support to the main palette window

* Removed Appearance manager requirement on System 7.1 to 7.6 which caused
problems on systems using Timbuktu for remote administration.

* Fixed default path specification when no output path has been selected.

* Optimized memory management for faster processing.

* Fixed file type specification on Schedule and DNS cache file Windows

* Fixed display when using large screen fonts

* Added recent file history information window below palette

* Fixed crash with some IIS 3.0 logs on NT machines

Dr. Darren Williams
Active Concepts – Software with Vision