April 8, 1998

Who: Cosmo Software, a Silicon Graphics company.

What: Cosmo Software today announced that its popular Cosmo(TM) Player VRML
client is now available for the Mac(R) OS operating system. The
developer’s release version of Cosmo Player 2.1 for the Mac OS can be
downloaded, at no charge, from

Cosmo Player 2.1 offers developers the following features and benefits:

* Full compliance with the VRML 2.0 ISO standard;
* An easy-to-use user interface which resembles popular consumer
electronics devices;
* Consistent high-performance, high-quality playback of VRML content;
* Integrated support for Java(TM) and JavaScript(TM);

The minimum system requirement for the developer version of Cosmo Player
2.1 for the Mac OS is a PowerPC(TM) Macintosh(R) computer with Mac OS
version 7.6.1 or above and Netscape Communicator(TM) 4.04.

Availability: Cosmo Player is currently available on Windows(R)95, Windows
NT(R) and IRIX(R). The final consumer version of Cosmo Player 2.1 will be
available in Summer 1998.

Where: Cosmo Software is an Internet media software company, headquartered
in Mountain View, CA. Additional information about the company and its
products can be found at

Contact: Julia Glenister, NRW PR Gina Morkes, Cosmo Software
650-827-7098 650-933-6088