From: Eric Zelenka (
ANNOUNCE: Free WebSTAR SSI-WebInclude Release

StarNine is proud to announce the availability of WebSTAR SSI-WebInclude, a
free Plug-In for use with WebSTAR 3.0, enabling you to dynamically include
parts of remote web pages in the content being served.

WebSTAR SSI-WebInclude works by taking advantage of the new Tag Registry
capabilities of WebSTAR 3.0 to add even more functionality to the
server-side-includes (SSI) processing capabilities of the newly released
WebSTAR 3.0. With WebSTAR SSI-WebInclude installed, you now have access to
two new HTML-like SSI tags, (WEBINCLUDE) for retrieving HTML pages from
remote web sites, and (TAGEXTRACT) for extracting images, tables, etc.

Users of WebSTAR 3.0 are invited to download this free Plug-In at
To find out more information regarding WebSTAR 3.0 or to obtain an
evaluation copy of the server, visit our web site at