Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1998 10:54:48 +0100
From: Ingemar Ragnemalm (
Organization: Lysator computer club
Subject: Released: Sprite Animation Toolkit 2.5.0

Released: Sprite Animation Toolkit 2.5.0.

Sprite Animation Toolkit (SAT) is a popular game programming library
for Macintosh. It is free of charge as long as credits are given and
I get a free copy of released products. SAT can be used from Think
Pascal, Think C or CodeWarrior (Pascal or C).

SAT has been used to develop dozens of released Mac games and
applications, from simple freeware games to commercial software.
Some of the more known ones include Missions Of The Reliant, BOOM,
Asterax, Escape Velocity, Bub&Bob and Harry The Handsome Executive,
and of course many of my own games, Bachman, Slime Invaders, Bert,
Ingemar’s Skiing Game, HeartQuest, Smack a Skunk and a few upcoming

For more information and downloading, go to the SAT web page:

Ingemar Ragnemalm