MacHack 1998 call for Speakers

MacHack 1998 is just a few months away and YOU might be just the person we
are looking for. We have many interesting sessions already lined up, but we
have room for a few more.

Have you been off in a garage somewhere developing some cool Macintosh
technology in secret? Present that technology at MacHack and not only might
you gain the adulation of your peers, but you will undoubtedly receive
valuable feedback to help you do it even better.

If you are planning to attend MacHack 1998, starting at Midnight on June
18th and running near-continuously until Sunday June 21st, consider
presenting a session to share your expertise. We are currently seeking
speakers on all areas of Macintosh software development including OpenStep,
Java, QTML, networking, game development, software design, software
entrepreneurship, and more.

Session speakers receive a $100 off the conference registration fee.
Register before April 15th and receive an additional $100 discount.

Have an idea for a session you want to present? Send a brief description of
your idea to (

Publishers and manufacturers are also invited to send technical (not
marketing) representatives. MacHack is an excellent opportunity for you to
introduce and encourage use of your development technologies.

More information about MacHack 1998 is available on the Web from


Alan Danziger
Sessions Chair
MacHack 1998