This is a public beta of the Metrowerks 1.2b7 Java compiler. For both
Macintosh and Windows.

The final version of the 1.2 compiler will appear on CodeWarrior Pro 3. We
are releasing this version now to allow users to test the new compiler and
report any problems they find before Pro 3 ships. This compiler is a beta
release with the problems and bugs that implies. Use at your own risk. This
compiler is not recommended for building final, shipping products.

Note:: Although the compiler is based on the 1.2 JDK sources, toolset is
JDK 1.1.5

You can download it at these URLs:
ftp4 –

This compiler has a different object format than the compiler that shipped
on Pro2. You *must* remove binaries from any projects before compiling with
this compiler, and you’ll have to do the same if you want to switch back
and forth between the compilers.

Several bugs have been fixed in this version.