Tabasoft SendGraphic: On The Fly Web Graphics Builder

Tabasoft SendGraphic 1.0 is a tool that allows macintosh webmasters to
build on the fly (and send on the web) dynamic graphics from data embedded
in HTML.

Usually graphics are static images in your web site linked as “(IMG SRC…”
HTML tags. Suppose that your graphics comes from dynamic data and that this
data changes every day (or more). If you have static graphics you have to
manually rebuild your graphics every day. With SendGraphic you can avoid
this. In fact it builds graphics in real time so that they always match
your data. Also with static data SendGraphic can be very useful, when you
have to build many graphics and you don’t want to do it manually.
SendGraphic can be used in very different situations.

You may want to use SendGraphic as a WSAPI HTTP Server plug-in or as an
HTTP Server ACGI. SendGraphic requires a Power Macintosh, system 7 or later
with QuickTime.

A full version of SendGraphic is now available for download at:

There you will find more details about SendGraphic and examples on how
SendGraphic works. You download a not-registered version, then you can
register it using the Kagi Register Application.

You can find more details about Tabasoft software on our http site:

Valerio Ferrucci Tabasoft Sas