Alphabetas Announces Holiday Price Savings

The CFO of Alphabetas, Inc., Dwight Ludvigson, announced Thursday (Dec.11
1997) that they would be offering considerable savings (up to 50% off)
their Beta-Test cycles to selected lists members and key parts of the
Macintosh developement community.

Alphabetas, Inc. is a company established just this year made up of skilled
technical and creative people in the St. Paul-Minneapolis area. Most of the
testing they have finished is Game-centric, although they do admit to
having thoroughly tested business and home use applications. To date the
finished games read like a Who’s Who of recent hit software (because of
non-disclosure agreements the actual list may only be released under terms
of nondisclosure, but their walls have copies of some very well known
titles)and they would like to add your titles to the roster, and allow you
some Hoiday Savings to boot!

The company specializes in PPC Game testing as well as 020-040 platforms
under the Mac OS, but will soon be testing for RHAPSODY and UNIX, and soon,

If you would like more information on the product services in detail please
contact the CIO, William Holmberg: